Invalid client certificate

Some TrexNet workstation users logging into TrexNet VPN are receiving the error “Invalid client certificate”. You will need to upgrade the TrexNet VPN client to version 1.50 or higher. The latest version can be downloaded through TrexSupport or through the TrexNet server.  If you need assistance in upgrading, please feel free to open a TrexSupport ticket.


TrexNet VPN & Virtual Learning

As schools are starting, some clients are reporting problems with their children’s virtual learning.  Your school’s virtual learning systems will not work while you are logged into the TrexNet VPN.  Disconnect from the VPN and use your regular WiFi/internet connection for virtual learning.

TrexRemote 1.2 Released

We have released a new version of our remote support software TrexRemote.  This new release fixes a few bugs that clients were experiencing.  TrexNet clients will have the new version updated on their TrexNet server during the next update cycle.

Major global CenturyLink / Level3 outage

Due to a major global Century Link/Level 3 outage, INNETREX is experiencing loss of service affecting customers on parts of our network. The datacenters we use are working to re-route traffic through their backup providers to restore service. HUB.TX1 – Dallas, TX and HUB.NV1 – Las Vegas, NV are currently down. VPN customers are encouraged to use one of our other hubs as they are not being effected.

Update 10:28AM CST – All of our services have been restored and fully operational.

Update 10:12AM CST – HUB.TX1 – Dallas, TX is fully back online. HUB.NV1 – Las Vegas, NV is back online but experiencing routing issues caused by the outage.