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TrexNet - Firefox 62.0.3 on TrexNet workstations using excessive amounts of memory

Published: 10.16.18 07:57pm CST

We are aware of Mozilla Firefox using excessive amounts of memory since the 62.0.3 update. We are currently investigating this issue and suggest using Chromium as an alternative browser. Chromium can be found in the apps folder on the desktop for both Windows and Linux workstations. If Chromium is not listed in the apps folder, have the application pushed to the workstation from your local TrexNet server through the Software Packages page.

TrexServers - Server Upgrades Phase 2

Published: 07.24.18 06:37pm CST

Phase 1 of our server upgrades is complete. We are now scheduling Phase 2 of our server deployment for August - October. This will effect any customers that have services in our KC1 and KC2 (Kansas City, MO), ATL1 (Atlanta, GA) and TX1 and TX2 (Dallas, TX) data centers. The typical time to upgrade our servers have been 3 -5 hours.

Changes: The following changes will happen during the upgrades:
TX2 data center changes - Due to increasing costs and an increase of problems outside of our control, we will be migrating our customers currently at the TX2 data center to our TX1 data center. Customers will be getting a new IP address for their service during this upgrade. This information will be provided prior of the upgrade. We will be looking for a new TX2 data center in the future.
KC2 data center changes - Due to several problems with the quality of service, and constant management and ownership changes, we will be migrating all hosting customers from this data center to new servers at either our TX1 or KC1 data centers. Customers will have an option to choose which data center they wish to use prior to upgrades. If one is not selected, customers will be migrated to our TX1 data center.
PHP 5.6 - The PHP development team has ended support for PHP 5.6 on Jan 19, 2017. Security patches for PHP 5.6 will end on December 31, 2018. While our servers currently run PHP 7.2, a few customers have the option to continue using PHP 5.6. For the security of our servers and our customers, we will no longer offer the PHP 5.6 option for web sites on the new servers. Any customers that have an outdated site are strongly encouraged to upgrade their site to be PHP 7.2 compatible prior to server upgrades. If you are unsure, feel free to open a ticket with our support department.

More information will be emailed to our customers closer to the upgrade date including dates, times, and other information related to the service.

TrexNet - Dynamic DNS update delay.

Published: 05.28.18 10:42pm CST

Problem: Our dynamic DNS server is taking longer than normal to update IP changes for our TrexNet customers. When an IP address change has been detected, it could take up to 20 minutes for the DNS server to publish the change to the TrexNet hostname. This will cause an error message with some applications, including nightly backups. Clicking OK will clear the error message, and the applications will continue to operate as normal. The server will continue to transfer backups every 30 minutes until successful. We are currently investigating the delay on the server.

Update: 05.29.2008 12:42am CST The issue on the server has been resolved. DNS updates are taking less than 10 seconds to update.

TrexServers - TX1 data center experiencing slow response times

Published: 03.16.18 07:12pm CST

Problem: Due to a fiber line break close to the TX1 data center, services at this location are experiencing slow connections and high ping times.

Update: 03.16.2018 - 7:26PM CST The primary link servicing our TX1 data center is down. The backup link is currently up, but the router servicing the data center from the backup provider is causing the service degradation and is currently being evaluated by the telecom.

Update: 03.16.2018 - 7:55PM CST The response times with the backup link has been resolved. The telecom servicing the primary link estimates the broken line(s) will be repaired by 9:00PM CST.

TrexNet - BackOffice PC gives an error when opening LibreOffice applications

Published: 01.31.18 09:15pm CST

Problem: Users are getting an error when opening LibreOffice Writer and Calc after upgrading to version 6.0 on the TrexNet backoffice PC (Windows and Linux).

Solution: This error is being caused by a macro that automatically launches when Writer and Calc is started. Clicking OK will clear the error message, and all macro functionality continues to work. Customers receiving this error are welcome to open a help desk ticket to have a new macro pushed to the backoffice PC. This error will also be fixed when the official TrexNet LibreOffice 6.0 build is distributed during the 02/18/2018 nightly updates.